The law changes all the time.  I practice in two jurisdictions, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  Within the past 12 months, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has enacted legislation in support and child custody law.  Both of these laws are true “game changers,” especially the custody law which represents a complete overhaul of how these cases are handled.

Changes in the law happen in two ways, one is by legislative action, as I discussed above.  The other way the law changes is when a court decides a case and interprets the law in a new way.  What most people do not realize is that the way the courts get to decide things in a new way is that lawyers and litigants present the case asking for a new interpretation based on their particular situation.  A good lawyer helps every court understand how new laws might be applied, when they have not had the opportunity to think about those new laws on many occasions.  This in turn helps clients get what they can in the way of help from the legal system.

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