If everyone could agree on everything, then we wouldn’t need lawyers at all.  Most people see lawyers coming in to fight out conflicts, but the other thing lawyers do is work to prevent conflicts down the road.  Those people who choose to go to court without the assistance of a lawyer may find that they are returning to court very often because new conflicts keep coming up.  An experienced lawyer who focuses in family law can write agreements that lay out how conflicts will be handled.  Such a lawyer can also anticipate the needs of the entire family 5 or ten years down the road, and can figure out what will be needed.

I see my role as far more than just that of a hired gun.  I advise my clients on how to approach difficult situations, how to have an agreement as to how things will be handled, and how to accept that some change is inevitable.  While I am prepared to mount an assault on behalf of my weary clients, I live for all the times I save them that aggravation.  Every day my clients have peace in their lives is a victory for me.

There are some family lawyers who believe in fighting everything out in court.  Their beliefs are grounded in their experience which makes them believe that such an approach benefits their clients.  These lawyers mean well and care about their clients, but all that conflict can and does take a toll on the clients, the judicial system and the family.  On the other hand, there are some lawyers who do not believe in fighting for anything in court, and believe that the only approach is to settle.  Often that approach may lead to missed opportunities for more favorable outcomes, and also may lead the other side to think that it can get one to give in.

I believe that the best approach is to be tactical in approaching a situation.  Realize that with every move you are laying the groundwork for the future.  Be strong but flexible.  Keep your eyes always ahead a few steps as well as focused on the ground beneath your feet.  Then your path will be even and you will forge ahead without stumbling.

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