PEOPLE, please, if you never learn anything at all from me or my website except this one thing, do learn this one thing.  Everything you do or say that is traceable in any way can and will be used against you in court in your family law case.  Live your life assuming that to be true.

Maybe you have thought twice about posting your party pictures on Facebook already.  Maybe you are careful about status updates because you see them as being seen by lots of people.

A recent item on NPR however also sheds light on the use of text messages in family law cases.  The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers is reporting a big increase in the use of texts in litigation.  I know people want to be casual and themselves in their electronic communications, but the written word can be eternal and can pack a way bigger punch than the same words spoken aloud.  Also consider that remarks made in writing are frequently taken out of context.

My advice on all electronic communications with parties to your family law litigation (that’s the people on the other side of that pesky “vs” thingy):  use only language you would want a judge to read, say only things you would be proud to say in front of your mother or second grade teacher, speak as you would like to be known by your children, and if you have something you don’t want anyone to know about, don’t write about it…anywhere.

Of course, my hope for you all is that you will be nothing but model citizens, parents and partners.  If passions prevent your living this way at all times, do consider living this way at least in writing.  You’ll make your lawyer’s job a lot easier.


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