It took me a long time to fire up the Facebook page. When it comes to lawyering I’m a fairly serious person and Facebook seemed a frivolous place for serious lawyering. I resolved my dilemma by deciding that it was alright to be a little lighter with the social media, and surprise, surprise, I’m actually enjoying having a new way to communicate.

My updates are everything from links to articles and blog posts, important updates on changes in the law, some reflections on family law cases that make the headlines, and some nice pictures and cheerful encouragement to brighten your day. Sometimes I may provide insights into how I practice or my experience and background. There’s more on this site if you are curious.

I promise not to overrun your news feed on a daily basis. I would appreciate it if you can let me know that you find my page useful by “liking” it. If you enjoy a particular post you may do the same for that posting. Please do not leave any personal information in the form of any comments and do not indicate if you are a client of mine as the page is completely public and I cannot protect your information.

I hope you find looking at my Facebook page entertaining and informative.

You can find me on Facebook here. Hope to see you soon!

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