This past Sunday I took a little over an hour of my time and helped a bunch of people load boxes with food for needy families so that they’d be able to celebrate Thanksgiving in their homes instead of on a soup line. The event had been organized, the food provided, and the distribution decisions had been made. All I had to do was roll up with my husband and kids to help load the boxes. It was not a big deal and it was not hard to do. All that was required was to make the commitment to show up.

Basically I capitalized on an easy opportunity. How many of those do you see each day? How many times could you simply choose to show up and make some kind of difference? Showing up doesn’t require going to an event. Sometimes it is just letting go of all the stress that you feel caught up in for some time and really listening to a child recount their day. Sometimes it means letting go of anger and power needs to be a team player in parenting a child or making a business decision. Sometimes it means keeping the date with yourself so that you can recharge and not be worthless to your loved ones. Sometimes it’s asking for time away from your family to fully devote yourself to career needs. No matter what it means you have to be there, fully present, and not somewhere else.

Today I’m taking a break from my usual topical posts to remind you that you matter in ways you don’t always know and showing up with your whole being makes a difference. No matter what…don’t forget to show up. Whether it’s an hour, a day, a week or a month at a time…or even just a moment…be there.

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