My practice is about real life in the real world.  I live in the same world you do.  I have kids, a career, hopes and dreams and a lot of stuff that sometimes feels like it gets in the way.  While my professional training may seem formal and removed from the struggles I see facing my clients, my real life, and the lives of my clients, inspire me to focus on what really matters.

Chances are that if you need to meet me we’ll be meeting in a coffee shop or some other familiar location.  My clients find these settings to be less stressful than a formal attorney’s office.  We can chat over a cup of coffee and I can grow to understand your particular situation.  If you need or desire a formal setting, I can meet with you at the headquarters of the Bucks County Bar Association, where I am a member of its Family Law Section.

I have been a practicing attorney since 1992 and most of that time I have focused my time on family law matters.  The practice of family law is satisfying to me because I can see the difference my work makes in people’s lives in a very real sense.  I am dedicated to making the experience of divorce and family separation as smooth a life transition as possible.  Where children are involved, I want to see parents learn to work together, devoting as much of their strengths as individuals to the care of their children as possible.  I also want to empower those individuals who feel lost and out of control of their lives to retake control and chart their own course.

I have worked with people of all walks of life.  From those with high powered careers and substantial fortunes to those struggling to make ends meet.  I work with men and women, young people as well as the elderly.  I listen to each unique situation and find solutions that meet the needs presented by it.  You will find that you are treated as an individual and that you are given all the attention you need.

When and if you face going to court, you will understand what is happening every step of the way.  I will prepare you for the court experience.  Judges respect me because I understand the difficulties they face in deciding such important matters with so little time to get to know them.  I come to court prepared with all the documentation and legal background that is needed in the courtroom setting.  While all decisions ultimately rest with the judges, I will present the best possible case I can with you.  Before going to court, we will have worked hard to negotiate a settlement and often the case will end there, with an agreement that you feel comfortable with.

Ultimately my practice is about peace of mind, both yours and mine.  You need the peace of mind that comes from knowing your case is in good hands and your future is being secured.  I need the peace of mind that comes from knowing that I have done everything I could do to make your situation better.