I knew from the time I was a young child that I wanted to be a lawyer. My admission to legal practice in 1992 in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and the Federal Courts was the fulfillment of a lifelong dream.

Family Law has been the central focus of my career. What is most satisfying is witnessing firsthand the positive impact that my work has on the lives of my clients. Complex family issues can create emotional turmoil but over the course of my representation I help individuals to gain strength and clarity. Their triumphs give me hope and fuel my passion for what I do.

I rely on both my education and my experience to help my clients. As an undergraduate at the University of Pennsylvania, I majored in both English and History, sharpening my skills as a writer as well as learning a lot about what it means to be human. As a law student at Widener University School of Law I learned how to build a toolkit for legal representation. It took my experience in life as well as in practice to learn how to use those tools to help people.

The law changes and to keep ahead of legal developments I regularly take continuing legal education courses as well as attend meetings of my Bar Association’s Family Law Section. I am also pretty “old school” when it comes to legal research and you will find me in the courthouse law library even though I have the ability to do my research online.

I relish a good courtroom battle, but experience teaches that often it is best to resolve cases prior to going to trial. Negotiation saves time, money and avoids the stressful environment of court while keeping control in the hands of the client. Where a matter cannot be resolved, however, I am prepared to take the fight to a judge for decision.

As a solo practitioner, my work comes from me, and me alone. I take my responsibility in legal matters very seriously because clients invest their trust in me and I know that my advice will help to shape their futures. Ultimately though, we are a team. Teamwork is the key to successful representation. Constantly in communication from start to finish, we work together to achieve the best possible outcome.